In Our Communities

We believe in giving back to the communities we work in, and we do this in two ways. The first is financial, where we contribute to charitable organizations in the form of donations, grants and matching funds. The second is as a partner, contributing our expertise in the form of professional advice, employee engagement and global connections. PartnerRe supports charities around the world, in countries and cities where we have a significant presence. If your organization would like to partner with us, please reach out to the contact in one of these PartnerRe locations:

As a company invested in the future, environmental sustainability is important to us. Our sustainability partners, Native Energy and the Swiss Climate Foundation, help us in our efforts. We look to Native Energy to offset carbon emissions related to some of our business operations, while Swiss Climate Foundation helps us to support small and medium enterprises on the forefront of energy efficiency and climate protection.

For PartnerRe’s Modern Slavery Act Transparency Statement click here.

In France, PartnerRe annually calculates its score on the Gender Equality Index which has been implemented by the French government to reduce the pay gap between men and women. This index score is based on the following indicators:

  • Gap in pay between women and men
  • Gap in distribution of pay raises between women and men
  • Percentage of women given pay raises upon their return from maternity leave
  • Number of women and men among the 10 highest paid employees

For 2020, the score of PartnerRe’s French branch is 94/100.

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