Financial Results

PartnerRe Ltd. Reports Second Quarter and Half Year 2019 Results7/26/2019
PartnerRe Ltd. Reports First Quarter 2019 Results5/15/2019
PartnerRe Ltd. Reports Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2018 Results2/21/2019
PartnerRe Ltd. Reports Third Quarter and Nine Month 2018 Results11/15/18
PartnerRe Ltd. Reports Second Quarter and Half Year 2018 Results07/27/2018
PartnerRe Ltd. Reports First Quarter 2018 Results 05/24/2018
PartnerRe Ltd. Reports Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2017 Results 02/21/2018
PartnerRe Third Quarter and Nine Month 2017 Results11/16/2017
PartnerRe Second Quarter and Half Year 2017 Results7/27/2017
PartnerRe First Quarter 2017 Results5/3/2017
PartnerRe Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2016 Results2/21/2017
PartnerRe Third Quarter and Nine Month 2016 Results10/26/2016
PartnerRe Third Quarter 2016 Financial Supplement10/26/2016
PartnerRe Second Quarter and Half Year 2016 Results7/28/2016
PartnerRe Second Quarter 2016 Financial Supplement7/28/2016
PartnerRe First Quarter 2016 Results5/2/2016
PartnerRe First Quarter 2016 Financial Supplement5/2/2016
PartnerRe Fourth Quarter 2015 Results2/8/2016
PartnerRe Fourth Quarter 2015 Financial Supplement2/8/2016
PartnerRe Third Quarter 2015 Results10/26/2015
PartnerRe Third Quarter 2015 Financial Supplement10/26/2015
PartnerRe Second Quarter and Half Year 2015 Results7/25/2015
PartnerRe Second Quarter 2015 Financial Supplement7/27/2015
PartnerRe First Quarter 2015 Results4/27/2015
PartnerRe First Quarter 2015 Financial Supplement4/27/2015
PartnerRe Fourth Quarter 2014 Results2/4/2015
PartnerRe Fourth Quarter 2014 Financial Supplement2/4/2015
PartnerRe Third Quarter 2014 Results10/27/2014
PartnerRe Third Quarter 2014 Financial Supplement10/27/2014
PartnerRe Second Quarter 2014 Results7/28/2014
PartnerRe Second Quarter 2014 Financial Supplement7/28/2014
PartnerRe First Quarter 2014 Results4/28/2014
PartnerRe First Quarter 2014 Financial Supplement4/28/2014
PartnerRe Fourth Quarter 2013 Results 2/3/2014
PartnerRe Fourth Quarter 2013 Financial Supplement2/3/2014
PartnerRe Third Quarter 2013 Results 10/28/2013
PartnerRe Third Quarter 2013 Financial Supplement10/28/2013
PartnerRe Second Quarter 2013 Results7/29/2013
PartnerRe Second Quarter 2013 Financial Supplement7/29/2013
PartnerRe First Quarter 2013 Results4/29/2013
PartnerRe First Quarter 2013 Financial Supplement4/29/2013
PartnerRe Fourth Quarter 2012 Results2/6/2013
PartnerRe Fourth Quarter 2012 Financial Supplement2/6/2013
PartnerRe Third Quarter 2012 Results10/31/2012
PartnerRe Third Quarter 2012 Financial Supplement10/31/2012
PartnerRe Second Quarter 2012 Results 7/30/2012
PartnerRe Second Quarter 2012 Financial Supplement7/30/2012
PartnerRe First Quarter 2012 Results4/30/2012
PartnerRe First Quarter 2012 Financial Supplement4/30/2012
Annual Information Document 20113/2/2012
PartnerRe Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2011 Results2/6/2012
PartnerRe Fourth Quarter 2011 Financial Supplement2/6/2012
PartnerRe Third Quarter 2011 Results10/31/2011
PartnerRe Third Quarter 2011 Financial Supplement10/31/2011
PartnerRe Second Quarter 2011 Results8/1/2011
PartnerRe Second Quarter 2011 Financial Supplement8/1/2011
PartnerRe First Quarter 2011 Results5/2/2011
PartnerRe First Quarter 2011 Financial Supplement5/2/2011
Annual Information Document 20104/29/2011
PartnerRe Fourth Quarter 2010 Results2/7/2011
PartnerRe Fourth Quarter 2010 Financial Supplement2/7/2011
Redefined Financial Reporting Segments1/11/2011
PartnerRe Third Quarter 2010 Results11/3/2010
PartnerRe Third Quarter 2010 Financial Supplement11/3/2010
PartnerRe Second Quarter 2010 Results8/4/2010
PartnerRe Second Quarter 2010 Financial Supplement8/4/2010
PartnerRe First Quarter 2010 Results5/6/2010
PartnerRe First Quarter 2010 Financial Supplement5/6/2010
Annual Information Document 20093/26/2010
PartnerRe Fourth Quarter 2009 Results2/10/2010
PartnerRe Fourth Quarter 2009 Financial Supplement2/10/2010
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