As per latest information, this event has been cancelled.

PartnerRe is proud to sponsor the 2020 AHOU Annual Conference. The annual conference brings together senior-level life insurance and reinsurance underwriters and key decision makers to discuss Innovation in the Underwriting sector and key Industry Insights.

Join Chris Shanahan, President US – Life Operations, as moderator and Karen Phelan, VP, Underwriting Strategy & Innovation, as presenter in the An Actuary, Underwriter and Data Scientist Walk into a Bar… session on Tuesday, May 5 at 8-9 am and 2-3 pm.

Join Tom Fletcher, VP, Data Analytics, as presenter in the Evaluating Models and Tools for Fairness session on Tuesday, May 5, at 8-9 am.

Join Rajesh Singh, Lead Underwriter Digital Strategy, as presenter in the Change Agents – Using Technology to Boost Field Underwriting and Drive Desired Behavior session on Tuesday, May 5, at 2-3 pm.

Our Delegates look forward to meeting you there:

Chris Shanahan, President US – Life Operations
Tom Fletcher, VP, Data Analytics, North America Life
Rajesh Singh, Lead Underwriter Digital Strategy
Cristina Downey, Chief Underwriting Officer, US, North America Life
Karen Phelan, VP – Underwriting Strategy & Innovation, North America Life
Hiram Gonzalez, Account Executive, North America Life
Robert Profumo, Consulting Medical Director, North America Life
Lorraine Seijas, Executive Assistant, North America Life

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